Review – Eat Thai Bandra

I have a soft spot for Thai food. It’s fresh and spicy. The flavours are clean, vibrant and clearly defined. It’s tastes fantastic whether you are eating it at a hi end restaurant or with friends on cheap plastic tables and chairs in Bangkok. I think it’s the chili they use. Did you know that chilies hold certain chemicals which release endorphins when they come in contact with the receptors in the tongue? So it’s not only tasty and spicy but also gives you endorphin’s… what more could you ask for?

Thai, food, Eat Thai, Bandra I recently revisited my love for Thai at Eat Thai the newest Thai restaurant in Bandra. This relatively small place is handsome but predictable with distressed industrial interiors, exposed bricks, Edison bulbs and – you guessed it — Mason jars, the visual cliches of contemporary dining and Pinterest. A New York inspired bulb sign screams L.O.V.E

Eat Thai, Thailand, Thai food, Bandra

Let’s Talk Food: If the interiors are clichéd, the food packs a punch. No two plates appear the same. Thai curries come in cute casseroles with coconut spoons and the drinks sit pretty in glass jars. We kick start the evening with chicken wings marinated in honey sriracha sauce. The bird floats perfectly between sweet and spicy.

Thailand, Thai food, green curry, vegetables, smooth
Thai green curry at Eat Thai

New Zealand lamb shanks get a Thai treatment and they come dressed in matsamman sauce. Chef Sam​ deserves a pat on the back for his light approach to the salads.

Som Tam, salad, fresh, Thai food, restaurant, Bandra, Mumbai, Thailand
Som Tam salad

The dressing in Som Tam is so light, it merely clings to the papaya rather than smother its flavour. The Thai burgers won us over with its sriracha-flavoured mayonnaise.

What I loved

At Eat Thai you could choose your veggies and proteins to be cooked in the sauce of your choice – chilly basil, lemon chilly, steamed ginger and a tangy pineapple sauce.

Low res Geang phed kaiTry the curries. If there’s a tastier, smoother and elegant green curry with chicken and eggplant to be found, it has managed to miss my spoon.

The pannacotta is likely to find you scraping the bottom of the plate.

What I didn’t
The chocolate cake was an unmitigated disaster – steaming yet dry as a bone.

Thai iced teaThe Thai Coffee with condensed milk was insipid.

HOW TO GET THERE:  Gasper Enclave, Pali Hill. Junction Of St John’s & Pali Road. Bandra West. Opposite Gold Gym. Tel: 022 26459775.

COST: Rs 1500-2000 for two


From Asia with love – the rise of Pan Asian cuisine in India

Sushi at Aoi

Ever since Nelson Wang, founder of China Garden introduced his famed chicken Manchurian to the city, Mumbaiittes couldn’t have enough of this incredibly spicy, red and tasty cuisine. That was in the 80s. Today the popularity of Chinese cuisine is shared by Thai, Malaysian, Japanese and Vietnamese. And in no time the Manchurian came to sit next to the sushi and the satay.

As Indians continue to travel and exercise their taste buds the last decade has seen a mushrooming of relatively authentic Asian restaurants in the city. It is now common to see authentic dishes like Mapo tofu from China’s Sichuan province, Korean Beef Bulgogi, Singaporean chilli crab, Pad Thai noodles, Malaysian curry laksa, Burmese Khao Suey, Indonesian Nasi Goreng and more in small individual restaurants not attached to five star chains. But before we delve into the chilli, soy and Szechwan of these dishes let’s dig up the past.

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Freshly reviewed – Singkong


I popped up at the latest Pan Asian restaurant Singkong in Khar (aren’t there too many already?). And Like any good scribe I was excited to share the news.

Singkong replaces Tangy Tangles just above Sanchos. Led by a  winding wooden staircase, Singkong fails to make a spectacular impression as you enter. Walls and pillars covered with woven grey felt and plastic creepers dangling from the walls don’t help lift your spirits. But I am more interested in the food (and rightfully so)Continue reading “Freshly reviewed – Singkong”