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Valentine’s Day gifts for the man in your life

28 Jan

Shoe artBuying gifts for men can be tricky. The stress gets amped up with Valentine’s Day round the corner. There are all kinds of social pressure to find the perfect gift, a gift idea so creative and cool that he’ll remember your thoughtfulness for years to come. If you’ve been stumped for a cool gift idea, help is at hand. We have put together a collection of creative gift ideas that your man will most definitely enjoy.

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8 pairs of shoes every man must have in his wardrobe

31 Mar
Ruosh Brown Oxfords With Leather Stitch Detailing  Rs. 7490

Roush Brown Oxfords With Leather Stitch Detailing Rs. 7490

Shoes speak a lot about the man wearing them. In fact it’s the first thing a woman notices when she meets a man. How he takes care of his shoes says something about how he treats life and maybe how he takes care of a woman! Thankfully you don’t need a wardrobe full of expensive shoes to prove you are man of detail. Just investing in eight pairs will do the trick.

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