Irrfan Khan on playing the waiting game and the trials and tribulations of being an actor.

Irfan4There is something meticulous about Irrfan Khan, and it’s not just his smouldering softness or the perfectly timed bouts of laughter. We are an hour behind schedule but Irrfan wants to rolls his own cigarette and insists on making one right now. He delicately rolls the filter into a cylinder, fills the rest of the paper with tobacco, rolls it up, moistens the shiny edge of the paper and lets the cigarette sit for a minute before lighting it up. “I’m ready,” he says, pulling at his cigarette. I mean, obviously he’d have been ready to go five minutes ago if he’d just lit up a ready cigarette like most of us do, but it’s clear Irrfan likes to do things on his own terms and to his own very precise standards. You just have to look at his CV to see that.

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Irrfan Khan on The Man Cover