Leh fashion diary – looking your best when temperatures drop



collageI am NOT a winter person. I have spent my entire life in 30 degrees and above. Snow, ice storms and temperatures dipping below 10 degrees is alien to me.

So my recent holiday to Leh was fraught with dilemmas – How do I pile on the cold weather paraphernalia like bulky sweaters, coats, boots, gloves and scarves without looking like a snow woman. Can I bundle up and still look GREAT. It was the classic comfort vs. style dilemma.

When it’s a short trip, existing in slight discomfort in the name of fashion is not so much of an issue. However, this was a week-long trip. I was looking for practical, winter-friendly styles that will let me show my flair for fashion, while protecting my tootsies from frostbite when I venture out of the car to make my first snowman!

So here’s how I crafted my looks for the Leh sojourn with help from stylists and brands.

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