Beach dining at Estella

You may not be able to slip off your shoes and sink your feet into the sand beneath your table but you can do the next best thing – of enjoying an outstanding meal while being serenaded by the lovely sea breeze and the magnificent sunset at Juhu beach at Estella the newest restaurant in town.

The bar at Estella

Undoubtedly dining beneath the stars, with the sound of the tide nearby, heightens the sensuality of an already pleasurable meal. Estella is upscale but casual with superb service to boot. The modern Australian meal served here encourages you to linger on, while soaking up the ocean views and some great people watching on the beach.

I loved the bread basket with zaatar bread, sundried tomato focaccia and the chedder cheese straws served with smoked hazelnut butter and herb garlic butter. It’s easy to stuff up on them if you don’t know what’s coming next

Grilled scallops with miso honey cream and carrot foam


The grilled scallops with miso honey cream and carrot foam is exquisite. The presentation too is breathtaking. The seafood al ajilio (with clams, shrimps and scallops) is another must try here. The sherry saffron garlic butter sauce is quite addictive.

Lamb on spinach and flaky pastry


The star of the show for me was the lamb served on a bed of spinach and flaky puff pastry. The banana and caramel parfait with tangy kiwi marmalade was delightfully reticent in sugariness.

Plum and frangipani tart


If you drink go for the Yuzu Sour which is a bitter, sour and sweet drink of singleton of ord malt with Japanese yuzu.

Surya and me at Estella


In Estella I have found my wedding anniversary spot (which is approaching soon). It’s romantic and the music is kept low, so we can hear each other venting.

Estella, Nichani Kutir, Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai. Open only for dinner. Meal for two: Rs 5000



Japanese restaurant Ruka – A review

Tuna SashimiWhen Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa in Bahrain decided to bring its popular luxury Japanese restaurant Ruka to Mumbai, it not just imported the brand but also its Japanese Chef Masato Toida from Bahrain. Styled in black and brown Ruka is quite stark and impersonal. Thankfully the food is bright and flavourful.

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Michelin popup at JW Marriott, Mumbai

I like the concept of pop up restaurants. They give a theatrical sense of another place and time. Pop ups also deliver a unique experience and an intimate feel especially when the venue of the pop up is something out of the ordinary and the theme unusual.

JW Marriott Mumbai has lined up two such unusual pop ups this April. Fashionablyfoody attended the first one – fusion of traditional French and Japanese cuisine by Michelin star chef Laurent Peugeot from Burgundy. The other pop up is by renowned chef Giovanni D’amato which is traditional Italian fare.

The table setting was lovely and the food arrived on beautiful white ceramics and brass pots that threatened to upstage what they’re meant to support. The dishes are a tasteful blend of French and Japanese influences. Everything in the 8 course menu is served degustation-style, whether it is wild sea bass with white turnip fondue and sesame broth or Canadian lobster served with morel mushroom sabayon. There is a definite “gastronomic” feel to the whole dining experience.

Watermelon cube , ricotta , garlic clam , tomato water ravioli and marmalade olive oil
Watermelon cube , ricotta , garlic clam , tomato water ravioli and marmalade olive oil

A simple watermelon and ricotta starter with olive oil marmalade was a juicy, vegetal, meaty combination that hit on many pleasure sensors at once.

Organic Chicken breast , yuzu koshio , beetroot salt crusted , melted curry ball - Chef Laurent Peugeot
Organic Chicken breast , yuzu koshio , beetroot salt crusted , melted curry ball

But it was the chicken breast with yuzu Koshio (Japanese lime and chilli mix), salt crusted beetroot served with melted curry ball that took my breath away. Plated like a painting you almost feel bad eating it!

Strawberry, espuma kapao ( thai basil) sorbet rocket cream cheese
The dessert of Strawberries thai basil sorbet, rocket cream cheese

The dinner climaxed with the dessert of fresh strawberries paired with Thai basil sorbet and cream cheese. It was the gastronomic equivalent of a Kenny G composition.

Chef Laurent Peugeot with a dish of wild Seabass , crispy scales with fondue white turnip and sesame broth
Chef Laurent Peugeot with a dish of wild Seabass , crispy scales with fondue white turnip and sesame broth

With every bite the young and handsome chef Laurent gets us to experience both countries with a clever blend of different ingredients in French and Japanese cuisine. The chef also caters to veggie lovers with a vegetarian menu with dishes such as Risotto of Hazelnut, Pumpkin Espuma and Shiso Leaves and the Green Asparagus, Morel Mushroom Sabayon and Crisp Vegetables.

With my French-Japanese cravings satiated, now I am looking forward to the Italian pop up with Chef Giovanni. Stay tuned for that…

Venue: JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu, Juhu Tara Rd, Juhu, Mumbai- 400049

Dates: Chef Laurent Peugeot (8th April-12th April 2015)
Chef Giovanni D’amato (15th April-19th April 2015)
Pricing: INR 7,000/- per person+ taxes