4 Reasons Every Mumbai Foodie Should Read This

These new launches promise to make 2019 a pretty damn delicious year!
This year is set to be a great year for foodies in Mumbai, as quite a few restaurants from celebrity chefs are opening their doors this year. From hyper-regional Indian, to authentic Thai and Latin American cuisine, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into, literally. We round up some of the restaurants we’re most excited about in 2019.

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Richa Chadda – Girl uninterrupted

richa in white
Richa Chadda doesn’t mince words or beat round the bush. She is direct… just like the characters she plays with unblinking conviction. The award-winning actress speaks straight from the heart on movies, men and more…

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Making a splash – Abhay Deol



Director Anurag Kashyap calls him an early Johnny Depp and goes on to say, “Look at all the strange little movies that have come in the last few years. The only common link is Abhay. He’s resisted the pressure of the market and done what he wanted to do, unlike actors who do what they think they ought to do.” Anurag is talking of Abhay Deol.

With his 9 films in a span of 5 years Abhay breathed new life into the small budget, independent films that had no takers. After plying his trade in some little-seen but highly acclaimed films (Manorama Six Feet Under, Ek Chalis Ki Last Local ) it’s now time for the emerging Deol to ascend Bollywood’s pecking order at warp speed. The timing couldn’t have been better. There’s a paradigm shift occurring in Bollywood that is reshaping the modern perception of what it means to be a leading man. Chiseled chests, six pack abs and angry looks are no longer prerequisites for male actors looking to bag the top slot. It’s the year of the sensitive man and Abhay has helped make sensitive, well, chic. And yes the dimples help!

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