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Vegetarian? Try Juno’s Pizza

17 Aug

masterchef PIzza - 1Hot or cold, thin or fat, round or square, cheesy or saucy – there is nothing like a pizza meal. What’s not to like about a hot, freshly baked pizza, with its crispy edges and soft centre, moist with tomato sauce?

Just the smell and the heat radiating off a pizza makes me hungry. This simple dish of bread, tomatoes and cheese could probably be Italy’s best gift to the world. Continue reading

Forget eating out or ordering in – Have you tried these new restaurants in cloud?

21 Jul

The food scene in India continues to evolve as new trends and ideas emerge. Buzz words like convenience, food ordering app and takeaway are changing the culinary landscape of India and giving rise to restaurants in cloud where innovation reigns and world cuisine is just a take-out call away. Here are three such new concepts spurred to growth by a new generation of customers weaned on social media and increasingly interested in global flavours.

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Soba Noodle Bowl from Out Of The Box

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