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Japanese Luxury chocolate brand Royce’ enters India

17 Jul
The Criollo Chocolate

The Criollo Chocolate

Japanese luxury chocolate brand Royce’ has entered the Indian shores with a standalone store in Mumbai. In a JV with Burgundy Hospitality, Royce’ plans to open stores in most tier 1 cities in India, starting with the second store in Delhi in the coming months.

Apart from wowing the Japanese since 1983 (ever since it launched in Japan in Sapporo) Royce’ has a discerning following in Malaysia, China, Singapore, Russia and very recently New York (The Royce’ store is at the upmarket Madison Square).

Royce’ is known for its unique ingredients and approach to chocolate making. The chocolates are made with fresh cream from farms near the factory and come with a specially designed spatula to cut out a square and serve /help yourself!

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