Desi Deli brunch with Maria Goretti

I love a good brunch. Who doesn’t? The playful dance between breakfast and lunch, sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week and allows you to lull around in bed for hours after waking and still get all your favourite breakfast foods. It’s also a great reward to a good workout. Nothing like working up a good sweat and then eating some good food.

But what makes brunch at one of your favourite restaurants even better is when it’s a co-creation between the chef and a well-known foodie and celebrity. The Desi Deli Sunday brunch is one such delight.


Maria Goretti Lolita Sarkar Desi Deli restaurant celebrity brunch
Maria Goretti with Lolita Sarkar

Put together by Lolita Sarkar, the owner and chef at Desi Deli along with former veejay and celebrity chef Maria Goretti, the brunch holds all the popular items from the Deli along with four dishes from Maria’s award winning cookbook – From My Kitchen to yours.

Maria’s Mixed Vegetable Soup made from roasted mutton stock, mushrooms and barley makes a promising and hearty start. I also liked the spicy and tangy Sri Lankan Aubergine Moju stuffed in a bread pockets.

Pork Vindaloo

And though Maria’s Pork Vindaloo with brun pao lacked any discernible taste of Goa the gluten-free Orange Cake with a chocolate centre more than made up for it. Interestingly it’s the same cake that wowed Maria on her trip to Spain five years ago. It’s light and not too orangy.

Jungli Maas on wheat Porridge

But the star of the show for me was Lolita’s Jungli Maas on wheat porridge. The porridge is delicately seasoned and holds its own against the feisty jungle maas. It’s satisfying in a homey kind of way. Lolita’s version of the popular Bengali street food Ghungni is served on a bed of couscous and topped with chopped onions. At Desi Deli the food is played with, but tastes good.

The Desi Delicious Table With Maria Goretti is on until March 12 at their Andheri outpost.
Non Alcoholic brunch is priced at Rs 850
Beer, wine and sangria brunch is priced at Rs 1200.
Address:  480, Adarsh Nagar, MHADA Layout, Oshiwara, Phase 1, Jogeshwari
Call: 022 33126158 



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    looking yummy


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