Vegetarian? Try Juno’s Pizza

masterchef PIzza - 1Hot or cold, thin or fat, round or square, cheesy or saucy – there is nothing like a pizza meal. What’s not to like about a hot, freshly baked pizza, with its crispy edges and soft centre, moist with tomato sauce?

Just the smell and the heat radiating off a pizza makes me hungry. This simple dish of bread, tomatoes and cheese could probably be Italy’s best gift to the world.

masterchef Pizza - 3So fellow pizza lovers (I am sure there are many) I want to share with you my experience of trying out Juno’s Pizza. In an era when artisanal and hipster pizzerias are all the rage, Juno’s pizza are homey and hearty. They serve only vegetarian, thin crust pizza in three sizes – 7”, 11” and 20”

Juno’s has a range of pizzas curated by Indian Master Chef finalist Radhika Sakhrani. I tried three of the Masterchef pizzas and a regular one.

What I loved

The fact that it’s thin crust. I am not a big fan of thick, bready, puffy crust that ends up being a waste.

masterchef Pizza - 2The Achari Kick Pizza (Masterchef Range) has just a hint of pickle spiked mozzarella, cottage cheese, onion and green chilies. The garnish of coriander and mustard oil enhances the flavor.

I was the only one in the party that loved the Four Pepper Pizza (Masterchef Range). Blame it on my affinity to spice. The chilli overdose is definitely not for the faint hearted – red chilli paste, veggies, pickled red peppers, red chilli flakes and Tabasco sauce. I loved it!

But what I loved the most is the House Special, a simple pizza exploding with capsicum, garlic and divinely melty mozzarella. It’s worth a long lunch…and a glass of wine.

pizza piecesPizza was built for sharing – which is why it’s always best to ‘go large’. The 20-inch pizza is cut into rectangle-shaped slices and is perfect for a home party.

Though Juno’s serves only vegetarian and Jain pizza, the variety is humungous.

What I didn’t: Jalapeno Popper Pizza from the Masterchef menu was a let down. This mildly spiced pizza with garlic cream cheese, mozzarella, jalapenos and golden bread crumbs loses its crunch on delivery. You can hardly taste the jalapenos that are overpowered by the soggy bread crumbs.

Unfortunately the garlic bread too had died on its way. The cheese overload just turned it into a soggy mess. 

Juno’s Pizza

Tel:  7303005555

Outlets : Kemps Corner, Diamond Market, BKC, One Indiabulls, Lower Parel, R City Mall, Ghatkopar West, Powai,  Borivali West, Vile Parle 

Website :



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