Wine review – Casablanca

I believe there’s always an occasion fit for wine.

It’s a Wednesday and that pizza takeaway tastes so much better with a Zinfandel. Or a friend drops in unexpectedly and you crack open a crisp Cava. The leftovers of a horrible workday can be salvaged with tapas and a glass of wine. Or it’s your anniversary and it’s time to break out that champagne you have been saving for a candlelit dinner. You see a simple glass of bubbly transforms any evening into an impromptu celebration.

For me it was the new year’s eve party at a friend’s home and the wine we uncorked that evening was a Prosecco styled sparkling wine – Casablanca. Internationally, Prosecco is taking the wine world by storm with its fruit forward and approachable style. Casablanca comes from Good drop Wine Cellars a sparkling wine company founded in 2009 by winemaker Ashwin Rodrigues who learned his Craft in the Barossa Valley, Australia.

Casablanca  Captain's table

Casablanca is a light and easy drink with medium high acidity and hints of sweetness. It has a generous fruity nose of kiwi and grapes with lime and floral undertones. The menu for the evening was Indian and I wasn’t sure how the wine will augur with that. But to my surprise Casablanca held up to the medium spiced rawas fry cooked by my friend. Another starter of feta cheese and watermelon too paired beautifully with the wine.

Casablanca is definitely a wine worth trying this Valentine’s Day. And the cost? Just Rs 950.

Nivedita Jayaram Pawar

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