Love kababs? Tuck into the kababs from royal kitchens at ITC Hotel Parel

Kababs, Mumbai, ITC Hotel, chef Farooqui, Indian food
Kababs at the ITC Grand Central 

One of my favourite Indian restaurants Kababs & Curries (K&K) completed 10 years of glorious cooking. And to commemorate the occasion they did what they do best – cook up a storm with eight of the legendary ITC master chefs especially flown down to Mumbai for the occasion. I was one of the lucky few to have been invited for the launch of Jashn-e-Kabab, a kabab festival with 40 different kababs from the restaurant’s armoury of
tandoors, charcoal, pathar grills along with rustic angethis and tawas.

Apart from tucking into the best kababs in India I also had the chance to meet some legendary ITC chefs including J. P Singh who runs the kitchen of Bukhara at ITC Maurya (one of the best Indian restaurants in the world), chefs from ITC Grand Chola, ITC Gardenia, ITC Mughal, ITC Windsor, WelcomHotel Jodhpur and Chef Farooqui from K&K at ITC Grand Central. The master chefs brought together some of the best kababs that were served in the noble courts and on the battlefield in yesteryears with long forgotten herbs and exotic flavours.

If you love kababs (like I do) you just can’t miss this one.

Among the highlights of the kabab trail are the Guftaguu kabab by chef Haji Mohd. Farooqui. A non-vegetarian could easily be fooled into believing that it’s the mushiest meat kabab. When in reality it’s minced cabbage with cardamom and saffron! The kababs are a heartfelt homage to the galouti and extremely craveable.

kabab, food, Indian food, mughlai, ITC Hotel, best Indian restaurant
Guftagoo – by Chef Farooqui

The combination of banana flower and potato sounds strange, but it does a jig on the tongue. Chef Sundar’s banana flower kabab is just the sort of excuse you need for returning scraped-clean plates. Be warned it’s tear inducingly spicy.

Prawn fans must try Chef JP Singh’s Jhinga Firdaus Shahi. Large sized prawns engulfed in a feathery light batter and finished with kabab masala is just heavenly.

Did you know that there are some vegetarian chefs who only cook vegetarian? Chef Gunjan Goela is one of them. She elevates the humble eggplant to gourmet status by stuffing them with hung curd and burnt onions. Gorgeous.

kabab, Indian food, best Indian restaurant, Mumbai, chef, Mughlai, sheekh kabab

Jodhpur based chef Akshraj Jodha’s shami kabab using Rajasthan’s staple Khersangri not pushes the culinary envelope but also creates a ‘aha’ moment with its blend of spices.

Another lamb preparation – Pathar Ka Ghosht will leave your tongue dancing from the all the yogurt, chilies and herbs.

kabab, Indian food, best Indian restaurant, Mumbai, ITC Hotel, chef
Lastly it’s was the vegetarian kababs that stole the show. And coming from a hard core non-vegetarian – that’s a huge compliment.

Almost every kabab tastes like one of the best you’ve ever had … until you get the next celestial kabab and the bar is raised anew.
What: Jashn-e-Kabab

Where: K&K, ITC Grand Central, Parel, Mumbai

Date: 5th to 13th September

Dinner Hours: 7:30 pm to 11:45 pm

For reservation call 022-24101010/5109/5110

By Nivedita Jayaram Pawar

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