Girl Power – Taapsee Pannu

Brainy, sexy, feisty and a software engineer, the Baby actress loves mathematics and has even designed ‘Fontswap’ , an iPhone app that’s been downloaded 8 million times! Meet Taapsee Pannu…

_MG_0821aA Sikh girl who is also a software engineer ends up acting in South Indian films…too many contradictions

Well acting in south Indian films happened by chance and I am loving it. As for the software engineer bit being a no brainers is not a prerequisite for being an actor.

Of course not. But being self obsessed…

Guilty as charged!

Describe yourself in three words
Strong, confident and wild child

Does the wild child have any tattoos?

Two. A girl leaping high on my left calf and my name in ambigram which reads as TAPC on my lower back.

_U3A8550By the way what does Taapsee mean?
It means Tapaswini… a female meditator  

You remind us of Preity Zinta. Have you heard that before? 

Yeah. That’s haunted me right from school.

In Baby you talk less but kick, punch and bruise Sushant Singh excessively…should men be wary?
Not at all. I am an adventurous person by nature. So performing stunts was definitely something which gave me an adrenaline rush. But in real life I am not so violent and talk non-stop.

So what’s the safest way to approach you?
Just be real. Don’t try to impress me. I am a sucker for chivalry and honesty.

Go on…
Self made men attract me.

Taapsee Pannu1 (1)Should he be a good cook too?
It helps. I would love my man to cook something light and presentable that can be eaten with a fork and spoon. Messy rice, dal and curries are very unromantic (laughs).

Do pick up lines work on you?
Never! I get offended and may react in hurtful ways!

_MG_0789aThat’s a strong warning. What else is a strict no-no?
Super tight t-shirts that show bulging biceps! Leave it to the girls!

Pick a hot date from Bollywood
Hrithik Roshan. I have had a crush on him since years.

Can an actor make a good husband?
I have never dated a star and will never date one. I can write and give you on a stamp paper. There can be only one star in the relationship and that’s me.

Do you have fun?
Yes. I love adventure sports on beach destinations. Scuba diving is fun and I am a licensed diver too!


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