Café Mangii’s cool new summer menu

Cafe Mangii Summer pic 2While the rains continued to tease us on Sunday, I headed out for dinner with my daughter Maithili in tow. It was supposed to be our last night out before the school beckons.

Café Mangii – the casual dining Italian restaurant it was as I wanted to try out their new summer menu (which I had heard a lot from foodie friends).

One look at the menu and it was evident that it was a refreshing take on summer specials – melons, mint, cherry tomatoes, lemons, mangoes, cucumber, berries and greens. We started with a melon and mango cold soup which was highly recommended by the restaurant manager Sajid. Now I am not a big fan of cold soups but this one was sweet and tangy with pistachio bits for that extra crunch. It’s utterly delectable and something I want to run home to try to make.

Watermelon Pizza
Watermelon Pizza

Pizza fan Maithili called for the watermelon Pizza which is actually watermelon chunks dressed with feta cheese, balsamic vinegar and rocket leaves. A novel way to enjoy the luscious fruit with the feta lending pillowy softness to the melon while the balsamic gently wakes up your taste buds. It was deeply flavoured and devourable.

If you’re one of those who has never thought chicken and chunda could ever meet on a plate, this is a place to smash those narrow-minded perceptions. Mangii pulls it off with their Rosemary chicken and mango chunda salad. It works primarily because the rosemary decked chicken is not doused in the sweet and sour pickle. Instead there’s just a hint of it between the rucola and baby spinach.

salad of melon, pomegranate and spinach in honey mustard dressing.
salad of melon, pomegranate and spinach in honey mustard dressing.

We also relished another salad of melon, pomegranate and spinach in honey mustard dressing. Most salads from the summer menu are melons and other fruits lazing on crunchy leaves, the flavour of the dressing sopping into fruits, heaving with bits of proteins – perfect to be shared and devoured.

 Cafe Mangii Summer pic 3

Though stuffed by the salads, the dutiful gluttons that we are went ahead ordered the Raviolo in orange paprika butter sauce. Stuffed with pine nut and leeks the ravioli tilted sweet with an overdose of orange. If I could ask a favour of the kitchen, it would be for the cooks to taste their work more. Overzealous dressing bullied this dish. After a few bites it lay unloved on the table.

Cafe Mangii Summer pic 5
Mango with cream

With the ravioli unattended we moved to the desserts with the zeal of a six year old. I love desserts in any form – fried, baked and sprinkled with more sugar only adds to the glutinous fun. At Mangii I went for childhood comfort mangoes with fresh cream while it was the crème brulee for Maithili. Served in a martini glass the glistening mango bits revealed themselves in a way that made me swoon. As for the crème brulee it was infused with ginger. Both were demolished within seconds!

The gluttonous pair - Maithili and Me
The gluttonous pair – Maithili and Me


The summer menu at Café Mangii continues throughout the month of June.

Cost: Approx Rs. 1,500 for two

Where: Khar west & Powai in Mumbai.

Contact no.: 022 – 26498100 / 26498000

Bangalore: Orion Mall & UB City Mall

Contact no.: 080 – 22682213

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