Raring to go – Esha Gupta

Esha Gupta  (9)Esha Gupta is no stranger to glamour and fame. A former Miss India this Delhi girl started her career with thrillers like ‘Jannat 2’ and ‘Raaz 3’ and followed it up with Prakash Jha’s political drama ‘Chakravyuh’. While her perfect porcelain skin, wide eyes and lush locks, make Esha a true standout she has the acting chops to back up her mind-melting hotness. Excerpts from my interview with Esha.

How’s Bollywood treating you?

It’s been great so far. For a girl from a middle class background and no godfather I think I have done quite well. My dad was in the Indian Air Force. I am glad to be accepted by the industry so warmly. But I am still trying to figure out my base. There is no one to guide me here. While I consult a lot of people, I take my own decisions. I am working hard and taking each day as it comes.

How your first day of shoot?

In front of 2000 people in a crowded lane in Darya Ganj in Delhi – I was truly nervous. Emraan Hashmi has his own fan following and acting opposite a pro like him was very scary.

Esha Gupta  (10)

Your last film ‘Humshakals’ was panned by both the critics and the audiences. Any regrets?

I have no regrets. I knew from the very beginning what I was getting into. Sometimes things go terribly wrong. It’s not enough if your film makes money; it has to win the audiences over too. In retrospect I feel we could have done a better job with ‘Humshakals’.

What do you love most about being an actor?

I love everything! The biggest high is randomly walking down the street and being recognised by people who I have never met before. It’s the biggest high. I oblige everyone who asks for a photograph unless there is a security issue.

You are a Delhi girl. Do you miss the city?

While I miss the amazing food that Delhi has to offer, I like Mumbai’s spirit. The people here are different. The vibe of Mumbai is excellent. Delhi is slow that ways. So I always prefer Mumbai. But I do miss the seasons. Mumbai has just two seasons – its either raining or it is just too hot.

Esha Gupta  (2)How do you maintain that hot body?

I am blessed with high metabolism. But I do workout. I eat brown rice. No samosas. I don’t starve myself. But I won’t have four servings of rice. I eat every two hours and I am a vegetarian. The fact that I have been an athlete and play Volleyball also counts.

Talking of sports we believe you are a huge Arsenal fan…

Oh yes. I follow football like crazy. When we shot for ‘Humshakals’ in London I went to the club twice, although I couldn’t attend the game. We were shooting on the day of a game. I got a lot of merchandise from the Club. I work out in Arsenal gear in the gym. Everyone wonders if that’s all I wear, and I say, Yeah! Look, my phone cover is Arsenal too!

You are also an adrenaline junkie… what’s the most adventurous thing you have indulged in?

Adventure is something that really drives me. I went skydiving and would love to do it again. I also love diving. It’s so peaceful out there. I got my deep sea diving license recently.

What are you most passionate about?

Travelling. It’s the sort of knowledge that no book can ever give you. But I am not a backpacker as I am anal about hygiene. Most of the times when we travel for work we only end up getting a stamp on our passport. So I like to take a proper holiday. I was in Sydney recently and liked it. I also like Europe

Esha Gupta  (16)What’s your style?
Comfortable, trendy and young. Earlier I would blindly follow whatever my stylist gave me. Now I make my preference very clear. I want my dressing to speak me, except when I am playing a film character. I don’t like anything that’s very short or fitted in a way that I am not comfortable. I am an athlete and it’s important for me to be comfortable and not look stuck up. I like to try new things.

What do you wear on regular day?

It’s mainly t-shirts, shorts and chappals. In the summers I like to wear nice floral dresses. My wardrobe is a riot of colours. 

And for the red carpet?

I prefer gowns or sarees mostly by Indian designers. Bibhu Mohapatra and Manish Malhotra are my favourites.

Tell us something about your kind of man..

I like men with intelligence more than looks. But not so intelligent that he starts talking bookish and becomes boring. I would like him to be witty. Someone who can make me laugh and laugh with me!

Lastly is there someone special in your life?

I have been in a very happy relationship for quite some time now. I don’t want to name him, for he wants to carve his own identity. He’s a wonderful guy, not from the industry. I don’t like to talk about him much. As actors our personal lives right from what we were to what we eat is constantly under scrutiny. But there are few things I want to keep personal – my family… my man…They keep me grounded.

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