Tena Desae on movies, men and matters of the heart

tina2Tena Desae is over the moon. With a role in the Hollywood film ‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,’ and a lead character in American fiction series ‘Sense8’ this hottie is raring to go.

Three films old and you are already making waves in Hollywood…how did that happen?
When I was younger, I dreamed of being a part of Bollywood films. But working with Judi Dench who I have seen in James Bond films and Maggie Smith from Harry Potter is beyond my dreams.

So what was it like acting opposite these legends?
Surreal! I would stay back to see these actors at work. Cast dinners gave me the opportunity to interact even with actors I didn’t have scenes with, like Tom Wilkinson. It was just incredible!

And then there was Dev Patel…
He is Jim Carrey on 500 Red Bulls! Hyper-energetic and very funny he is great entertainment on set. I loved his company.

Any strategies to deal with link-ups?
I am waiting for the link-ups! Who wants a squeaky clean image? Maybe I’ll fuel the rumours. Being diplomatic is just so boring.

For more of my interview with Tena Desae click here On for the road

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