Chevon goat meat kebabs and sausages – Review

Moroccan smoked sausages
Moroccan smoked sausages

If you have been following my blog you would already know my obsession with all things meaty. I know meat isn’t the greatest thing for our health, but you know what? It tastes delicious and I am not perfect. No one is.

sauageSo when Chevon (one of the leading players in the frozen goat meat category) launched a range of ready to cook goat meat sausages, kababs and patties – I had to try them.

Turkish seekh kebap
Turkish seekh kebab

The Turkish Seekh Kababs (six pieces) were succulent with hints of onions, ginger, garlic and dry herbs. And though the pack says it takes just 3-4 minutes to cook, it did take longer (thaw it, don’t cook it frozen). The lightly spiced cigars of meat were fatty enough to stick together on the pan, and remain nice and juicy on high heat. I paired it with a crunchy salad and tangy yoghurt mint chutney.

By the way did you know that goat meat is a healthy alternative to beef and chicken? It is low in fat, cholesterol, calories and saturated fat. In fact, goat meat is over 50 percent lower in fat than beef and is about 40 percent lower in saturated fat than chicken – even chicken cooked with the skin off! So if you’re looking for a leaner alternative to traditional meats, goat meat could be the answer.

Cheeseburger patty
Cheeseburger patty

Coming back to Chevon, the Cheeseburger Patty is exceptionally and gratifyingly rich. The patty looked slim but plumped up on cooking. A dab each of ketchup and mustard, a slice of cheese, a layer of lettuce and two tomato slices was all it took to make the burger sing.

I love sausages. Not the pasty, pink plastic tubes masquerading as sausages. But the ones that are meaty, juicy and mildly flavoured. Chevon sausages have a decent aroma and the paprika and sage seasoning is well balanced. A bit high on sodium they lacked that lip-smacking, fatty luxuriousness that great sausages deliver. There are few things that go together better than beer and sausages. Or you could serve them alongside some warm crusty bread and a fresh salad. I had them with a fried egg and some chips while pretending to have a sumptuous British breakfast!

Turkish kofte kebap
Turkish kofte kebab

But the best was the Turkish Kofte Kabab. Satisfyingly coarse and meaty, the real draw is the raisins in the kofta that lend them a natural sweetness and a distinctively Middle Eastern flavour. Serve it up with a salad of tomatoes, basil and spinach and you’re guaranteed to make your mouth happy.

And for the meat versus veggies argument: don’t let anyone tell you what to eat. Go ahead and have that kabab. You can eat a salad tomorrow.

So what’s your favourite meat?

The Chevon Range is priced at Rs 295 and is available at retail chains like Nature’s Basket, Hyper City, Food Hall, Haiko, etc.

Nivedita Jayaram Pawar


  1. zubairp says:

    Very nicely written, almost making me hungry now.. 🙂


    1. haha! that’s intentional Zubair.


  2. Vamsee says:

    Overpriced stuff, taste is decent


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