The little Door to good times

The little door

It almost feels like you are entering the world of Alice in Wonderland as you step in through the small blue and white door. Once in you are greeted to a sunny place with lots of greens, stuccoes on the walls, colourful bottles dangling and pebbled pathways.

XL BurgerThe Little Door (TLD) is not just inventive in its décor but concept as well. The restaurant hosts a pop up store by designer Fenny Ganatra in the day. The store folds up at 6 pm to give way to a throbbing, pulsating resto lounge by night.

TLD’s compact menu channels the flavours of the Mediterranean, Spain and Italy. Dive in with Arancini Di Riso (Rs 277). The risotto balls stuffed with cheese and crumb fried manages to ferry the flavours of Italy via the cheese and warm pomodoro sauce. The Currages (Rs 187) which is charcoal grilled sausages makes an impact, perhaps because the meat includes an extra kick of red wine, which seems to amplify the entire dish. Interestingly TLD marries food and alcohol in a perfect matrimony. Like the Tequila Lime chicken (Rs 277). Accompanied by red cabbage and green onion slaw each bite is wicked with tequila, lime juice and Tabasco. The spirited journey continues with Champagne risotto (Rs 327).  The saffron-tinted creamy dish is good to the last spoonful.


When you may need to pause from the frenzy of meat and acquaint yourself with something light try the Bruschetta (Rs 147) with tomato, basil and mozzarella. The Trozos De Papa (Rs 133) is the Spanish version of wedges topped with sour cream and onion sauce. Portions ensure that you won’t leave hungry. One of the greatest pleasures at TLD is also one of its simplest: the burgers. Dunked in melted provolone and finished with leaves of green peas the hearty burgers feel as right as a bowl of hot soup on a cold rainy day. Going, going, gone.

Peppered Chicken Steak

But the dish I’m most eager to return for fuses Italy with Spain. Grilled shrimp and white fish tossed in chilly orange sauce and served with buttered rice is one of those brilliant combinations that keeps forks flying. A runner-up for my affections is the filling and fabulous Vodka Penne.

The bar dramatic with an illuminated wall of spirits sees more action than the Kumb Mela in December. Try TLD’s version of the famous Cosmopolitan – Podka (Rs 293), a medley of vodka, pomegranate and chilly syrup. In a mood to experiment? Go for the Whisktea (Rs 293) which is whiskey with Assam tea! There are ample choices for those who like to fake it – iced teas, ginger honey sodas and cucumber drinks.

Even if you are not a fan of the cuisine TLD is a fun place to indulge in one of the many fun nights. Put your bladder to test by downing unlimited beers only for Rs 393. But you can’t visit the washroom for those three hours!

The Little Door
B-31, Ground Floor, Shree Siddhivinayak Plaza, New Link Road, Andheri (W)
Tel: 022 2490 2068

Meal for two: Rs 1500-2000

By Nivedita Jayaram Pawar

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