Calling all meat lovers to Imbiss

I love meat. I don’t care if it’s ‘murder’ or responsible for heart disease or the reason why I’m going to hell. I just love meat. And if you are like me (unabashed meat lover) then Imbiss at Colaba is for ‘us.’


Imbiss is to hard core non-vegetarians what Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is to sweet tooths. Get the drift? Yes this small restaurant in one of the by lanes of Colaba is 100 per cent non-vegetarian. The only vegetarian dish on the menu is the aubergine schnitzel (that too fried in bacon fat!).  Don’t believe me? Read on…


Ignore the plastic creepers hanging from the walls. And dive straight in to the meats – turkey, quail, pork, beef, guinea fowl, emu, rabbit… Of course there is chicken too. All sorts of meats sit tantalisingly behind a glass counter. Chalk scribbled on black board announces the day’s specialities. Cute.


A splash of background: Imbiss was started by Peter Mawiong, an IHM Dadar grad who started his career at the Taj and subsequently started a sausage manufacturing unit. He is the founder of Alf Farms Pvt. Ltd. That explains the abundant choice in sausages at Imbiss.

Imbiss, which means a ‘quick snack’ in German, serves predominantly German/European influenced dishes (read bratwurst, schnitzels, beef roast, pork chops, spare ribs…) A variety of sausages, ham, roast, bacon and other cured meats are directly procured from Alf Farms Pvt Ltd.

Signature Sausage Platter
Signature Sausage Platter

The Signature Sausage Platter (Rs 250) is a good way to dive in to the meaty affair. The grilled sausages are moist and go well with the racy mustard dip. I was however expecting more than the seven pieces on my plate. (greedy me!). If you focus on the suds there’s a lot to swig including premium lager beers and whiskeys. You’ll probably want something to knock back the beer. Try the Slim Jims (Rs 250). These are fermented meat sausages that take twenty five days to produce under controlled conditions. Imbiss offers sample pieces along with the beer. For those steering clear of alcohol try the Lemon Punch – served in bottles with chopped apples, lime and mint – it refreshes the palette before another bite of the succulent meat.

The beef burger is another indulgent dish here. The patty was nice and juicy and came nestled in between caramalised onions and roasted tomatoes. But Imbiss needs to rethink its wimpy buns. The kitchen does a good Chicken wings (Rs 325), which it send out cuddled with barbeque sauce and carrot salad.

Chorizo Rice
Chorizo Rice

As for the chicken pasta, I liked everything about the plate — the al dente penne, the tender bites of baby corn and just a hint of basil. However a big bowl of what sounded enticing in the reading – Prawns with Garlic and Rosemary (Rs 350) – didn’t add up to much in the mouth. The lacklustre prawns floating in fat seemed to want nothing to do with the carrots, potatoes and green peas. A lone twig of rosemary refused to play with the greens.

The piece de resistance at Imbiss is the Chorizo rice (Rs 200) topped with duck egg. Magnificent and original, it’s a complete delight in the mouth. The smokiness of the Goan sausages along with the spicy rice really woke up my taste buds. Highly recommended.

Eggplant Schitzel
Eggplant Schnitzel

What about the lone vegetarian dish – aubergine schnitzel (Rs 200)? Well it’s worth every bite. The crumb fried cheese stuffed piece of aubergine just melts in the mouth.

Imbiss has cozyness in its favor, but not flair. However the cooking is captivating enough to ignore the lacklustre dining room, with its cheerless walls. Simply revel in what was on the plate.

Imbiss, 3, Pipewala Building, Opposite, Camy Wafers, 4th Pasta Lane, Colaba, Mumbai. Tel: 02222020455. Imbiss is closed on Thursday.

Meal for two: Rs 800 for two people (without alcohol)

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