Vikas Khanna gives a Tasty Twist to the Shiro Menu

Kerala style prawn curry with red thai curry paste

Malabar style prawns in Thai curry, rasam powder drizzled Tom Kha and Madras curry powder infused lemon rice. These may sound like strange gastronomic combinations but they taste quite glorious in the mouth. Last evening I got a taste of Vikas Khanna’s coastal twist to Shiro’s Pan Asian menu. The result – a scrumptious, coconutty, earthy marriage! Here’s what you can expect from the Twist of Taste menu by Vikas Khanna, created exclusively for Shiro.

Panko crusted prawns rawa style

The evening began with the visually appealing tofu in paper baskets. Topped with tamarind chutney the crunchy tempura fried tofu cubes sit enticingly in crispy paper baskets. The chutney gives the dish a very chaat like vibe. The contrasting flavours just explode in your mouth. The baskets come with a side of shredded raw papaya salad and a chilli sweet dip. Make sure you mount the salad on the basket to tame the kick from the tamarind. Skip the dip.

 Lemon rice fried with peanuts

Lemon rice fried with peanuts

Next came the Xacuti masala grilled chicken rolled in rice paper. The rolls hold just the right amount of pieces of chicken, spices, tomato and lettuce. The sneaky heat of the xacuti masala is balanced by the greens. However the moisture from the chicken and the spices turn the covering a bit soggy. Maybe the kitchen could so something to make the lettuce hold its crunch till it reaches the table.

Xacuti masala grilled rice paper roll chicken
Xacuti masala grilled rice paper roll chicken

But the star dish on the menu is undoubtedly the rasam powder infused coconut and lemongrass soup. The salty, tangy, peppery heat of the rasam powder, the silky coconut milk and the mild kafir lime is harmony on the tongue.

Steamed fish in lotus leaf with malabar curry spices
Steamed fish in lotus leaf with malabar curry spices

Vikas Khanna’s malabari twist to the Basa cooked in lotus leaf was another revelation. The short menu has been kept simple and sprinkled with surprises. So while a typical red Thai curry get a coastal twist with tempering of curry leaves and mustard seeds, the Madras curry power elevates the Lemon fried rice to a different level.

Its note worthy how this cooking’s crossover star manages to pair the familiarity of the pan asian cuisine with his whimsy style.

The Twist Of Taste Menu by Vikas Khanna will be available at Shiro till 16th Feb. 

Tel: 022 266511207/022 66511208

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