Coffee and food pairing?

Coffee art by guests


Well, like it or not, coffee is the latest beverage to go the old sommelier route. Apparently food pairing isn’t just reserved for wine lovers. It’s for coffee connoisseurs too. The reason being, coffee just like wine has aromas, body, acidity, mouth feel, and flavours that can either complement or contrast all kinds of foods. And just like wine, there are certain foods that will pair best with certain varieties of coffees.

Coffee Art by Experts

At a bloggers meet for the Philips Saeco Coffee Machines, food blogger Kalyan Karmakar conducted a session on coffee and food pairing. It started with Kalyan speaking about coffees from the Americas, Africa and Asia. Just as there are different varieties of coffees so can be our cappuccino personalities and we went through a fun exercise to see what the various cappuccino personalities in the room were.

Food and coffee pairing

Then a mix of cappuccinos, espressos and mochaccinos made using the Philips Saeco espresso machines were placed on our tables. The participants were divided into groups and had to pair the coffee on their tables with the lovely bakes that Aditi Juneja of Socially Foodie had prepared for the event.

The results of the pairing were both interesting and creative. For instance with a Cappuccino a Danish apple cake came across as a match made in sensory heaven, than the Banana Walnut. But there’s perhaps no better match for a coffee than the good old fashioned plain cake. My personal favourite! You can’t go wrong with it.

Food and coffee pairing - 1

The Philips Saeco is a bean-to-cup machine that makes it simple to enjoy a cup of espresso or a creamy cappuccino at home every day. The machine lets you adjust everything from the strength of the coffee to the temperature and also lets you use ready-ground coffee – ideal for those caffeine emergencies. The product has an automatic cleaning and descaling programme.

Philips Seaco Intelia One Touch a

The stainless steel machine is stylish and grinds beans in different settings from coarse to fine, depending on how you crave your cuppa. The machine helpfully has ‘clean me’ and ‘empty me’ lights which remind you when it needs a bit of TLC.

Let’s admit it, whether you’re an espresso enthusiast or cappuccino connoisseur the perfect java make can easily make your day.



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