Madhubhan Resort – Escape to tranquility

spa entranceThe desire to escape to a quieter, more greener place as soon as it starts to pour, is so deeply woven in to my psyche that it’s practically instinctual. A quick weekend getaway in the monsoon is a must to revive and rejuvenate. And though it wasn’t a purely leisure trip for me – the visit to Madhubhan Resort in Anand, Gujarat was nothing short of marvelous.

birdBuilt in a mango and chickoo orchard Madhubhan is just an hour’s drive from Vadodara airport. It’s an idyllic place built to replicate Karamsad – the birthplace of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Traditional Gujarati style cottages, winding pathways fringed with mango and chickoo trees, pebbled alleys and the lush green cover make Madhubhan very enchanting and charming. If you cannot find happiness during your stay here, stop looking. There isn’t a better place you’ll find.

The cottages come with high ceilings, sunken bathtub, all glass bathroom, and a beautiful private verandah which I found myself sharing with many of the resident birds. The interiors are stylish and comfortable in an understated, old world way. It’s quiet other than the birdsong and the wind in the trees.

The property is owned and operated by the Elecon Group – an engineering company. The owners Prayasvin Patel and his wife Taruna are foodies with an eye for detail. So much so that the restaurants – Kouzina (Italian) and Tapas (Mexican) are Taruna’s babies. The lady supervises everything right from the cutlery to the garnishes.

The spa entrance
The spa entrance

Talking of food the Italian restaurant Kouzina is top notch. Try the chilly cheese soup, Eggplant Parmesan, pasta in pesto sauce and pizza. The Tapas Bar designed like a tree house comes with gorgeous views of the orchard and the mountains. The other restaurants include Banyan Tree serving Indian cuisine and the 24 hours coffee shop.

The resort is designed by renowned architect Tony Joseph and carries a rustic simplicity and laid-back charm with Buddha statues, water fountains, lotus ponds and wood carvings. Madhubhan charms in a city spilling over with hotels that tempt but don’t quite hit the mark (too big, too small, too hot, too noisy, way too expensive, far too rude).

The Spa

stoneThe resort also houses the Sohum Spa with its cascading waterfalls and fish pond. In particularly loved the  exquisite wood artwork, spacious lounge with a huge LED TV and the view of the fruit orchards. After relaxing at the spa, try one of the health juices from the wellness bar nearby. I loved the carrot and apple combination. The wellness bar also serves salads and cut fruits. If you are in the mood for a massage try the France massage. Tariff for massage ranges from Rs 2499 to 3899 and facials from Rs 1499 to 3999.

Nivedita Jayaram Pawar



  1. Pat says:

    Wow! Sounds blissful both for the body and the mind. I want to go there now!


    1. yeah, its beautiful. The resort is slightly tedha-medha since they have tried to retain as many trees as possible from the orchard that it was.


  2. Anjana Shete says:

    This place seems to be awesome.


    1. yes it is. And the best part is – its not very far.


  3. Samarendra Sahoo says:

    Hey Nivedita,

    Sounds very interesting place. Will surely visit once particularly to sit with the birds on the verandah and try the Italian restaurant (being a foodie…)….


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