Dinner Under the Skky


Unless you’re afraid of heights, the view from the top is always the finest. There is a brand new restaurant cum lounge in Mumbai that perfectly captitalises its vertical advantage. The Skky Lounge at Ramada Hotel, Powai is a fabulous open air space to bring in anniversaries and birthdays or to simply soak up the scene along with nice Pan Asian starters.

You step out of the elevator, and it hits you: the cool breeze, lush green views, softly lit tables and swaying frangipani trees. You’ve arrived at the Skky Lounge. Just snag a table amidst water bodies with floating candles and watch the sun dip slowly behind the city’s architectural landmarks.

Design Dynamics: Savvy restaurant owners know that open-air dining makes good business sense, and with outdoor space at a premium in cities, they’re looking skyward. Sitting atop Ramada Hotel in Powai, Mumbai, Skky oozes effortless chic with white sofas, wood flooring and the water bodies. Spread across 8500 sq feet, with the stars twinkling above and scenic view of the mountains, Skky is perfect for celebrations (think anniversaries, birthdays and valentines).

E_SZ27421Stylishly modest and characteristically muted, Skky is the sort of place where your eyes can’t decide where to focus because there’s so much vying for attention. The vastness of the lounge is broken up by the water bodies that separate the tables and also exude privacy to diners. Regardless of where you sit, there’s something to distract you from your iPhone, be the large LED screen showing football matches or the show kitchen where the sushi is being rolled up. The lighting is intentionally low and music lounge.

This place is also home to one of the longest bars in the city which measures up to 510 sq ft. The kitchen is open, so you can watch Head Chef Rohan Koppikar and his men slaving earnestly in their spotless whites and caps. Skky serves Pan Asian. The lounge also has a Tepanyaki counter where chef Neetesh indulges guests with his flair cooking. The best spot is the 12 seater sofa next to the display kitchen and screen. The music is lounge.

Celery & crab meat dumplingFood Facts: The best part of eating out in Mumbai is the opportunity to travel around the world without a passport or jet lag! Living in a commercial capital puts you close to China, Japan or Vietnam, even if only for lunch or dinner. Skky serves Pan-Asian (read Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China and Japan). But if you’re not in for a Pan-Asian mood, ask for a pizza.

Koppikar’s cuisine is particularly attractive as it is light, very fresh and quite healthy (The restaurant claims the food served at SKKY has zero trans fat). The first few courses highlight these characteristics. In particular, the dim sums at Skky make a stellar impression. Shaped like half-moons, the packets are so thin you can see the chopped greens inside; each bite is also meaty with juicy ground chicken. Accompanied by sweet soy sweet chilli coriander and burnt chilli dip they make delectable starters. The dragon rolls (shaped like a dragon)  made up of tempura prawn fritters, yellow finned tuna and grilled eel, glazed with terriyaki, tobiko and Japanese mayonnaise is served with wasabi, pickled ginger and Kikkoman.  Each mouthful is a salty, smoky joy.

Other dish worth trying includes the Vegetable California Rolls. Asparagus, cucumbers and avocado is a staple in Japanese rolls, but nowhere has it been as appealing as here, where the sticky rice is joined by chilled cucumber and toasted sesame. Even the Tepanyaki rice, flecked with chicken and veggies stands out.

Assorted nigiri sushi platter large The dessert portions would make Goliath happy! Plan to share. And be sure someone orders either the hand churned Green Tea ice creams or the Tub Tim Krob (sweetened fresh coconut cream with water chestnuts). The Chocolate Zaike shahi (Chocolate stuffed sweet dumplings topped with condensed milk) also makes for great endings. The menu is presented on a tablet which shows the dishes with a picture while listing ingredients alongside it.

Review by Nivedita Jayaram Pawar


  1. Sandesh Amonker says:

    Quite a tempting review n place……!!!


    1. niveditafnl says:

      Thanks sandesh for dropping by. Do come back for more


  2. Samarendra Sahoo says:

    The article brings back some fond memories of my stay in Mumbai…. Thanks Nivedita


    1. niveditafnl says:

      glad to hear that Samarendra. The eating out scene in Mumbai is one of the best, I feel.


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