Oakroom restaurant review

29 Jun
Alfresco seating at Oakroom

Alfresco seating at Oakroom

It’s always tempting to retreat when it rains. But the notion of a hearty, warm dinner and a rich glass of red with the rain setting the background score is enough to lure me out from under the duvet. Let’s face it: One of the best reasons to live in Mumbai is the rains. So despite the gloomy weather and pounding rain I reach Oakroom.

The restaurant is nestled in a quiet lane in Juhu inside a hotel with serviced apartments. The only thing better than getting a table inside this minimally done up restaurant, is getting one outside. I snag a plum spot just beside the long glass doors which is perfect to take in the rains. The vibe is laid-back and service is invariably warm and sunny, even if the weather isn’t.

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Striking the right chords – Bollywood singers who up the fashion ante

11 Jun
Kanika Kapoor

Kanika Kapoor

Nothing is hotter than a woman who can rock a mic. Meet a new crop of fantastic female singers who embody a combination of raw charisma and talent that is impossible to ignore or deny. These songstresses have got the tunes, the personality and definitely the looks which have earned them a following and a rightful place in music history. Here’s a dekho at three such artistes…

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Cook right to stay light

9 Jun

Homemade ravioli served with nutty  sage butterAs much as it is important to shop for the right foods, it is also important that we cook them the right way to stay healthy. The health benefits of the healthiest foods are easily killed if cooked the wrong way.

Did you know that heat breaks down and destroys 15 to 20 percent of vitamin C, folate and potassium present in vegetables? But certain foods like carrots, spinach and tomatoes actually benefit from cooking. Heating these vegetables facilitates the release of antioxidants from the food to the body. Too technical isn’t it. Simply put the ideal way to cook right and be healthy is to use less oil, cook slow and grill or bake (whenever possible) to retain all its nutrients and goodness.

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Café Mangii’s cool new summer menu

8 Jun

Cafe Mangii Summer pic 2While the rains continued to tease us on Sunday, I headed out for dinner with my daughter Maithili in tow. It was supposed to be our last night out before the school beckons.

Café Mangii – the casual dining Italian restaurant it was as I wanted to try out their new summer menu (which I had heard a lot from foodie friends).

One look at the menu and it was evident that it was a refreshing take on summer specials – melons, mint, cherry tomatoes, lemons, mangoes, cucumber, berries and greens. We started with a melon and mango cold soup which was highly recommended by the restaurant manager Sajid. Now I am not a big fan of cold soups but this one was sweet and tangy with pistachio bits for that extra crunch. It’s utterly delectable and something I want to run home to try to make.

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Leh fashion diary – looking your best when temperatures drop

1 Jun



collageI am NOT a winter person. I have spent my entire life in 30 degrees and above. Snow, ice storms and temperatures dipping below 10 degrees is alien to me.

So my recent holiday to Leh was fraught with dilemmas – How do I pile on the cold weather paraphernalia like bulky sweaters, coats, boots, gloves and scarves without looking like a snow woman. Can I bundle up and still look GREAT. It was the classic comfort vs. style dilemma.

When it’s a short trip, existing in slight discomfort in the name of fashion is not so much of an issue. However, this was a week-long trip. I was looking for practical, winter-friendly styles that will let me show my flair for fashion, while protecting my tootsies from frostbite when I venture out of the car to make my first snowman!

So here’s how I crafted my looks for the Leh sojourn with help from stylists and brands.

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Restaurant Review Asado – Mumbai speaks Latin

29 May

ASADO Interior (1)Has anyone else even noticed the vanishing of Bembos – the South American Burger place in Bandra? I’ll cry no tears for its demise as a promising new Latin American restaurant Asado has taken over the building. Asado, which means ‘barbecue’ in Spanish also serves Modern European delicacies and diet-destroying churros (Spanish snack of strips of fried dough dusted with sugar and cinnamon). The 3D art on the walls, murals, fake lamp posts and naked bulbs hanging from ropes lends Asado a very Cuban feel.

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Namrata Purohit – Keeping Bollywood fit

26 May
Namrata Purohit with  Jacqueline Fernandes

Namrata Purohit with Jacqueline Fernandez

It was a fall from a horse that initiated squash champion Namrata Purohit into Pilates. And the rest is history. Today Namrata is the youngest trained Pilates Instructor in India and her clients include the who’s who of the Hindi film industry and corporate world.

“Pilates work on the deep muscles of your body, helps in toning, promotes stability, flexibility, strength and makes you feel energised,” says Namrata about the benefits of the regime. In an exclusive to fashionablyfoody, Namrata spills the beans on the fitness regime of some of her celebrity clients.

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