Restaurant Review Asado – Mumbai speaks Latin

29 May

ASADO Interior (1)Has anyone else even noticed the vanishing of Bembos – the South American Burger place in Bandra? I’ll cry no tears for its demise as a promising new Latin American restaurant Asado has taken over the building. Asado, which means ‘barbecue’ in Spanish also serves Modern European delicacies and diet-destroying churros (Spanish snack of strips of fried dough dusted with sugar and cinnamon). The 3D art on the walls, murals, fake lamp posts and naked bulbs hanging from ropes lends Asado a very Cuban feel.

ASADO Interior (3)

If you can eat just one dish here, dive straight in for the lava stone grilled lamb chops. Accompanied by jalapeno cheese flavoured sweet potato the ribs are were perfectly cooked, juicy and cut like butter. Another gratifying grill is the Sea Bass which was firm with crisp, seared exteriors.

Mexican Sea Food Soup_ASADO

Mexican seafood soup

The cute young things next to us were digging into a Brazilian beef steak done rare with the zeal of miners sifting for gold. The grills are undoubtedly Asado’s strength. They come with lip smacking sauces like Argentine Chimichurri, Miso Glaze or a Lemon Tarragon Beurre Blanc. If you are not too keen on the grills the Mexican Seafood Soup is another great way to start.

Caramelized Pork Belly Salad_ASADO

Caramelized Pork Belly Salad

Some restaurants forget that vegetarians aren’t the only customers who want to forgo meat. Even carnivores like to mix it up now and then and eat something born in the ground. Asado embraces the challenge. The outcome is a rustic, hearty and thoroughly pleasing 4 mushroom fettuccine. Al dente and not too saucy the pasta dazzled with four types of mushrooms. The edamame and truffle risotto had the right bite and was creamy.

Quinoa Salad_ASADO

Quinoa Salad

Order the Quinoa Salad with cucumber, sweet potatoes and beans and you might find yourself discreetly licking the sweet chilly dressing off the spoon. Though a big chunk of the menu has a Mexican and South American slant there is a smattering of Japanese dishes too. Prices indicate that one dish each in each section with judicious sharing is the way to go.

Drinks include jalapenos spiked Mojito. Surprisingly the crushed peppers add a devilish kick to the Mojito. Asado also does some neat rum-based Tiki cocktails. The most satisfying end to a dinner here are the Churros served with dipping chocolate.

Though a few of the servers, while pleasant, lacked the polish and knowhow of the cuisine and the armless chairs were a tad bit uncomfortable, the overall takeaway from Asado is: How soon can I come back?

Meal for two: Rs 3000 (with alcohol)

Location: Manorama Chambers, SV Road, Bandra (West). For reservations, call 022-65686666.

Nivedita Jayaram Pawar

Namrata Purohit – Keeping Bollywood fit

26 May
Namrata Purohit with  Jacqueline Fernandes

Namrata Purohit with Jacqueline Fernandez

It was a fall from a horse that initiated squash champion Namrata Purohit into Pilates. And the rest is history. Today Namrata is the youngest trained Pilates Instructor in India and her clients include the who’s who of the Hindi film industry and corporate world.

“Pilates work on the deep muscles of your body, helps in toning, promotes stability, flexibility, strength and makes you feel energised,” says Namrata about the benefits of the regime. In an exclusive to fashionablyfoody, Namrata spills the beans on the fitness regime of some of her celebrity clients.

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Travel trail with chef Ranveer Brar

25 May

Chef Ranveer 2For Chef Ranveer Brar the world is his kitchen. For when the chef travels, his appetite usually dictates the journey. I quizzed Chef Brar for his best culinary rules of thumb when he hits the road. And here’s what he had to say…

Pls click on the link below for my interview with chef Brar for Wedding Vows Magazine.

Chef Ranveer Brar on Food & Travel

Irrfan Khan on playing the waiting game and the trials and tribulations of being an actor.

7 May

Irfan4There is something meticulous about Irrfan Khan, and it’s not just his smouldering softness or the perfectly timed bouts of laughter. We are an hour behind schedule but Irrfan wants to rolls his own cigarette and insists on making one right now. He delicately rolls the filter into a cylinder, fills the rest of the paper with tobacco, rolls it up, moistens the shiny edge of the paper and lets the cigarette sit for a minute before lighting it up. “I’m ready,” he says, pulling at his cigarette. I mean, obviously he’d have been ready to go five minutes ago if he’d just lit up a ready cigarette like most of us do, but it’s clear Irrfan likes to do things on his own terms and to his own very precise standards. You just have to look at his CV to see that.

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Irrfan Khan on The Man Cover

Sneak peak into Kim Sharma’s elegant Bandra pad

28 Apr Kim Profile - 1

Kim profile 2Actor turned grooming expert Kim Sharma likes all things opulent and elegant. And her Bandra pad reflects that. A massive chandelier in the living room adds to the grandeur of her 2500 sq ft home. A charming sit-out, a walk-in closet, eclectically designed den are some other features.

Click on the link below for my feature on Kim Sharma’s home for Hindustan Times

Kim Sharma

Raring to go – Esha Gupta

22 Apr

Esha Gupta  (9)Esha Gupta is no stranger to glamour and fame. A former Miss India this Delhi girl started her career with thrillers like ‘Jannat 2’ and ‘Raaz 3’ and followed it up with Prakash Jha’s political drama ‘Chakravyuh’. While her perfect porcelain skin, wide eyes and lush locks, make Esha a true standout she has the acting chops to back up her mind-melting hotness. Excerpts from my interview with Esha.

How’s Bollywood treating you?

It’s been great so far. For a girl from a middle class background and no godfather I think I have done quite well. My dad was in the Indian Air Force. I am glad to be accepted by the industry so warmly. But I am still trying to figure out my base. There is no one to guide me here. While I consult a lot of people, I take my own decisions. I am working hard and taking each day as it comes.

How your first day of shoot?

In front of 2000 people in a crowded lane in Darya Ganj in Delhi – I was truly nervous. Emraan Hashmi has his own fan following and acting opposite a pro like him was very scary.

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Tried and tested – Johara skincare and beauty products

16 Apr Johara nail colours

Johara Cosmetics Product picture (1)Are you guilty of hoarding more beauty products than you can actually use? I am! I have a whole lot of unopened makeup stored in my closet apart from the ones I so proudly display on my bathroom shelves. Most of them I have never used (and don’t intend to). Thank god it’s not an expensive hobby like buying vintage cars! All said and done new makeup is rather tempting.

So here I go again – buy more beauty and skin care products. This time from a new brand – Johara (it means jewel in Arabic). The products which are free of harmful chemicals like Parabens, Sulfate, Synthetic Dye or Formaldehyde fall under the cosmeceutical category and use ayurvedic herbs which are also dermatologically tested. Most of all, they are free of animal testing (reinforces my motto of – Doing good while looking good).

Should you buy them? Read on to find out…

What it is: Johara Whitening Day lotion

What it does: Sun protection and brightening

Why we like it: The cream has a light fresh scent and made my skin softer and more glowy. The results improved over the course of a week, thanks to sabiwhite (an ingredient sourced from turmeric) and licorice which is known for its skin lightening and antioxidant properties. Just a single pump suffices. Just one caveat: The cream comes with a SPF of 20 which could have been higher especially for people who stay longer in the sun.

Price: Rs 900

Johara products_Fairness rangeWhat it is: Johara Whitening Night Cream

What it does: Revitalises skin after daily exposure to external stress

How it feels: It has the most awesome, whipped-cream texture and feels light. Though it takes a few strokes to spread, it’s super absorbent.

Why we like it: Bedtime is the best time for pampering your face with some good skin care products as skin cells renew faster when you are asleep and the raised body temperature at night time also facilitates serums, lotions, creams, and masks to sink deeper in the skin. Johara night cream has a very soft and mild texture. The fragrance is mild, and just right for a night cream. A small quantity of the cream is enough to cover the face and neck thus making it last long too. Enriched with shea butter, jojoba oil and olive oil the skin feels plumped up, hydrated and supple in the morning. Only caveat: It feels a little greasy.

Price: Rs 900

What it is: PhytoBright Cleanser

What it does: Lifts away impurities and excess oil

Key Ingredients: Lemon peel extract, papaya extract

Why we like it: The cleanser made my skin squeaky clean without leaving it feeling like the Sahara. So it cleanses while protecting the skin’s vital moisture. Though it’s not creamy, foamy or even frothy it felt like a cloud on the face…super-soft and luxurious.

Price: Rs 600

What it is:
Whitening face mask

What it does: The Barley Beta glucans in the cream help maintain the collagen balance, while Gylcolic Acid acts as a mild exfoliating agent.

Why we like it:  Contrary to popular belief, whitening masks are not just there to lighten darker skin tones, but actually help to get us closer to achieving that clear complexion look. Johara mask does a good job of exfoliating dull surface skin giving it that much desired plumped-up and supple appearance.

Price: Rs 450

01 copyI also tried the nail color (Pacific Blue). Priced at Rs 250 it is fast-drying and long lasting, but required more than two coats to get the desired effect.

However I loved the InstaRemover. It’s a black plastic bottle which contains pre-moistened foams that eliminate the need for messy cotton balls. Just insert your fingers, one at a time into the bottle and twist until the polish comes off. Simple!

Price of Insta Remover: Rs 575

So try the Johara range and put your, um, best face forward every day.

Johara is retailed through direct marketing. and


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